Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What God Did to wake me up

do you wanna know several things Allah ever Did to make me wake up from my sleep when i asked for it or when i have to?

These are amazing, don't forget to say Subhanallah :)


gave me the urge to pee,

send a little bird to knock on my window (true story, i'm amazed myself),

fit the time to road constructor work in front of my house,

made the sunshine brightly enter my window,

made my AC felt too hot/cold,

and the "usual, most common" ways :

made my mom knocked on my door,

made me aware that my alarm's on, or

I just woke up :-)


Simple things, so we don't freak out,
things that our little brain can take,
Yet, if you think about it, only God can make those happen..

Simply Brilliant..

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