Tuesday, May 15, 2007

kan biasanya kita suka males kalo mau ngelakuin pkerjaan yang bermanfaat dan "terpuji" (kalo kata buku2 SD), kayak olahraga, atau belajar, atau se simple masukin lagi sampah yang kita miss waktu pertama kali mau buang ke tempat sampah,,

gw mnemukan cara menghindari males:

jangan kasih kesempatan otak lo mikir kalo pkerjaan itu bikin capek, susah, nyebelin
kalo udah mau mikir kesana, langsung kerjain aja

dont let your brain think about the negative things about the task, just do it! *versi inggrisnya, :D

kalo generalnya sih,, jangan kebanyakan mikir, kalo kita udah yakin kegiatan itu bermanfaat, ya lakuin aja, soalnya seringnya sih kita mikirnya kan yang negatif2nya, jadinya malah males,,
bner ga?
its not fun to make a laugh out of someone's weaknesses

and it's kinda hurt when it's your own weakness that is being made fun of


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i just realize..

i just realize this :

my big family is sooo cute.. :)

Alhamdulillah, thank you God for this another amazing gift..

just watch Bridge of Terabithia,,
a must-see movie, it's great,,
if you think it's a kind of movie that's all about fiction, well it's not.
it's really about friendship that is so sweet and pure.
it's great. I cried my eyes out.
oh yeah, i recommended you watch it all by yourself, cause the story is so sad, you'll wet your eyes badly 'till you wouldn't want other people to see you.

just watch it and cry.. :)

i've been here before, yet..

i think i've been here before
i've been into these kind of situation,
yet, i still don't know what to do..


oh how i wish..

oh how i wish i was somebody else
so that i could easily ask you these questions inside my head...