Sunday, September 11, 2005

Why God didnt (or hasnt?) gave us the ability to see the future

Reason why God didnt give us the ability to see through the future is so we can have a meaningful life. If you gave someone their future, theyd have no future. They’d have no hope, no ambition, no life, since they already knew what it would turn like when their going to do stuff. We build our own future by doing things in the present. If we already knew our future, wed have nothing left to do.

On the movie Paycheck (Dir: John Woo, Act: Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman) an engineer was hired to build a machine that could make us see the future. And it ended up being a mess. The machine predicted war, we prepared for the war. All of the nations prepared for the war. They trained their armies, they tested their weapons, they made new technologies. Then the war itself came from the preparation they had made. The machine predicted a disease. We made a chemical preparation to prevent the predicted disease. Then it turned out, what we had made is the predicted disease itself. In the movie, the engineer tried to abolish the machine he had made with all effort.

With us, the greedy-bad attitude human as the leader of the world, it is another perfect decision God made, to make us cannot see into the future…yet.. (We never know, are we?)