Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Hee, i just watched Slumdog Millionaire..
A bit too late, but this Oscar-winning movie was worth my time..

First things that caught my attention was the attractive way of the camera view, it was unsual, yet interesting..
From wide angle that projected the overview of slum area on Mumbai, to the over-zoomed view of the police.. Nice..

Next was the fast-paced switch of time&space dimension..
One minute it was on the present, then the next frame told us about the past.

For the actors : The young Jamal was really cute, the mature one was charming. The other characters were well played..

The scoring was also unique, it fit well to the movie.
The mix of holly & bollywood music was suprisingly catchy. :-D

The movie was fascinating as Jamal went on to explain how he could answer each of the questions on the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Show.

But it's not the movie for those of you who like nice bubbly pictures.
This is really a movie about a slumdog and his tough life.
It's the movie that tell you that how life can teach you more than school does, often in the hardest way that possible.

The movie still got a little suspence near the end.
It still left the audience a room to think what's gonna happen next..

The one thing that made me giggle the most was the indian dance at the end of the movie..
It's still an indian movie after all..
No matter what the movie's about, just dance..:-D

To summarize it up, it's a great unique movie.
It deserves the Oscars..

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