Sunday, March 01, 2009


Pas pertama gw liat produk ini, gw tertarik sama warnanya:
white with blue stripes, that's totally my style :D

terus gw pikir, wah, lucu juga nih,,
biasanya kan cutton bud warna tangkainya 1 warna aja,
putih aja, kuning, atau pink..
so this one's out of the box, i thought...

but this "Char Mi" people (thats the label of the bud) must've had a great corporate policy for innovation,
cause the color is not the only factor that made this product out of the box..

Notice the points of the buds?

yup! they're spiral!

In case you didn't notice the points,
they've put a sign on the wrapper

It said "Teknologi Spiral (R)"
(mm.. the "registered" symbol actually appear after the "Teknologi" word, so i don't quite sure what's "registered" ) :D

They also put this sentence :
"Paper Stick Spiral pertama dan satu-satunya di Indonesia"

and i thought..

the competition must be tough on the cutton bud market :D
this people must used 2 out of the box idea into one product..

but there's one thing hanging on my mind....
dapet ide darimana ya bikin ujungnya spiral?

apa karena kalau orang pake cutton bud suka di puter2 gitu yah,
jadi dibikin spiral aja sekalian.. :D

Emang jadi nyaman ya kalau spiral?
gw sendiri blm nyoba sih...
we'll see..

tapi yang jelas,
this is one out of the box product...

Congrats Char Mi Cutton Bud!

:D :D :D

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