Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happiness Tracking : Checking SNSD Stuff :D

That fangirl side of me still very alive.

I don't know how I became such a fan, considering I'm not interested in K-Pop before.
But well, well, well, look what I've missed.
Another world. So deep you may get lost once you're in there :))

But it's fun.
SNSD act always managed to make at least a smile on my face :)
Not necessarily their song or performance.
I'm aware that there are many other more talented artist in terms of musical side.

But it's their act and behavior that makes me starstrucked.
No they're not perfect. 
On the contrary,  they're such a dork and not ashamed of it. LOL.

It's their work ethic, their relationship with each other, their action towards other artists and towards their fans.. call me naive but I think they're truly deserve the success they've got now.

Their sister bond are adorable. They've been together for so long, from their training, when they're still in elementary school, until now (they're in mid 20s).
Sure, it seems some closer to ones than the other, but they've grown so comfortable together, it's not even an issue. How cool is that?

They're relationship with their fans is awesome. They love their fans and surely their fans love them.
There seems to be SONe all around the world.
And with large loyal base of fans, they can do any activities, and their fans will still love them.
(As long as it's positive and rumor-free. I sense that Korean are sensitive like that. Unlike in the West, where more drama means more fame.)

I always like when Korean artist stated their gratitude towards their fans and said that they'll repay them with working hard and become much better (artist).
It's so humble and honorable, don't you think?
They acknowledge that they're big because of their fans. And it's true, right?
Sure there's talent, but manners are important.

As far as I know, SNSD never fail to mention this every time they win anything. Even when they just doing interviews, they always concluded with statement thay they will work even harder in the future to become better.
Most likely it's their management company that came up with that statement at the first place, or maybe it's the standard Korean artist greeting.
But it still nice to see such hardworking attitude stated to public.

One of the English-speaking member stated this in one of their fan meeting in US : "You are all what keep us going when we're tired and when we have no strength left. So I hope that we may be the reason behind you guys'"- Tiffany, SNSD.
Wonderfully concluded.

Oh wow.
Look how long I babble about this.

Let me wrap this.
If anyone ever askes me why I like SNSD, ny answer would be:
"Because they're the living proof of how hardworking and having fun (while being dorks) can be integrated successfully"

They're working together doing things they love with their closest friends.
How perfect is that?
I want to be like them.

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